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Something strange is happening in the land of Rydanthia.  You arrive in the town of Northern Cross and quickly discover things are not what they seem.  Merchants tell stories of nearby towns that are deserted.  There are frightening creatures lurking in the forest.  Can you solve the mysteries surrounding this threat?  Can you live to tell the tale?


-A CLASSIC ADVENTURE GAME:  At it's core, Phoenix Tales is an adventure game.  Modeled after classic point-and-click style games of the 1990's, you'll have to use your wits to solve the puzzles.

-RPG ELEMENTS:  Gain experience and level up your character as you progress through the game.  With individual stats and several weapon / armor upgrades to find, Phoenix Tales is an RPG-lite experience too!

-UNIQUE COMBAT SYSTEM:  While you'll need your brain to solve the mysteries plaguing the town of Northern Cross, sometimes a little brawn comes in handy too.  Master a unique combat system that requires both timing and strategy!

-MULTIPLE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS:  Sometimes being a hero requires help.  Along the way, you'll meet a companion who will prove to be quite helpful on your quest.  He has his own play style, attributes, and attacks.

-A FULLY IMMERSIVE AND DETAILED WORLD:  Using real world locations and motion capture actors, which are then "cartooned" into a unique art style, there is plenty to see, do, and explore.

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Happy adventuring, hero!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I enjoy playing your game so far (even if I have no clue about what to do with these darn goblins and with the information on the skull) and find the graphical design choice very interesting and appealing. Well done! I'd suggest to add some more sound effects though, especially ambient sounds could enhance the atmosphere even more: The sound of the flowing river water (which looks lovely by the way!), of birds in the woods, decent background sounds in the village or the sound of crackling fire (just to give some examples).

Hi Athanasius!  Thank you for the positive feedback.  We appreciate the positive feedback.  We are considering adding some additional ambient sounds in an future patch.  Good luck with those goblins ;)